Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Sometimes you just have to sit down and see how blessed you really are. So many men and women die for you everyday! Each day while you are sitting in a class room complaining about how cold it is, people are dying. In Iraq men are fighting with everything they have to protect me, you, her over there, him right here, and their own families. They are going months on end without seeing the people they love most. Some men never get to meet their children because they are born while they are gone and they get killed for your freedom.
  Take a second... Do you feel free? Do you look free? NO, most likely not. People here, and people in China look the same as us. They aren't completely free like us. No way! Just take time each day, wherever you are, and say "thanks!" to God for supplying you with what you have, people to fight and safety.
   My heart just crumbles sometimes to see that people are dying for me everyday when I have done nothing but be an American. The least I can do is say thanks. If you see them in a store, go up to them and thank them for all that they do. Trust me, it will make their day a whole lot brighter. Most people don't have the nerve to just go up to a soldier and say "Hey, thanks!" so YOU be the ONE in a crowd to stand out and do so.

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